Our recycled timber is ethically salvaged from all around Victoria. We rescue unwanted timber from the burn pile; timber with dozens and sometimes even hundreds of years of history. Rescued from old homes, factories and warehouse, our timber usually comes to us beautifully figured and aged. Each wormhole and nail mark tells a story.

We mill each stick of timber in our workshop, then meticulously glue, join, sand and finish each piece of recycled timber furniture. We pride ourselves in making quality, timeless pieces that are designed to last you a lifetime.



Consuela 4-drawer coffee table

Our Consuela 4-drawer coffee table is a sleek lady, ready to sit proudly as the centrepiece in your living area. Features a clean face, with multiple storage options - including drawer access on the front and back! Drawers a push-open, soft-close. The unit sits on our classic Consuela-style leg. 



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